Welcome to the website I have set up to showcase my work as an indie writer and English-Spanish translator. Hopefully, this site will help me connect with readers and English-language authors looking for English-Spanish translation services.

Olas, narrated and produced by AlexVOiceover, is now available on Audible / iTunes.


¿Have you got the paperback edition of Waves?


If you’d rather get if from a place other than Amazon, just hand ISBN 978-0-9929684-4-1 over to an assistant at your local book store or library. They’ll place the order with another distributor of physical books.



Versions in other languages

Contact me if interested in translating Olas/Waves from Spanish/English into Afrikaans, Dutch, Japanese or Norwegian. Split royalties: 60% for sales up to 2000 USD; 40% for sales from 2000 to 5000 USD…